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Beer, Football & Revolution

By elephant84, Jun 4 2016 10:23AM

An initiative spear headed by Disabled People Against the Cuts called 10,000 Cuts and Counting had inspired many. 10,000 flowers had been laid down on Parliament Square. A memorial was held, poetry read, impassioned speeches made. The 10,000 cuts was referring to the number of people who had died in a year within 6 weeks of being declared fit for work and or having a claim end. The information came as a result of a freedom of information request.

Since then the UN has started an investigation into the treatment of people living with a disability. The person carrying out the investigation met with more scorn by parliamentarians and billionaire owned press then those who had sanctioned this deadly policy. Atos pulled out of it's contract to carry out the assessments only for Maximus to pick it up. Court battles found that individuals were killed by sanctions. Death toll statistics of people dying within six weeks after declared fit for work were officially released held back for after the general election, so it would not effect the votes. The effects of sanctions were not answered. The spin tap dance continued. Ian Duncan Smith resigned from his role. Despite his over seeing of this silent massacre of our fellow country men and women and voting for cuts left and right, the 3 billion pounds worth of cuts to welfare gave him a moral parachute to exit with. What he believed to be a public relations coup was received with the skepticism that a mass murderer deserves. He was replaced by self proclaimed Christian, Stephen Crabb. You can tell the teachings of Christ had fallen a little short by a look at his voting record. Of course David Cameron and the members of parliament that have gone along with this have played their part in this subtle but effective form of violence.

The assessments have remained fundamentally the same. There is no evidence to suggest the killing of people in fragile health by the Crown cabinet has stopped though the deck of cards might have been shuffled.

A few years back we were having a demonstration to highlight the killing of disabled people through work capability assessments and sanctions outside an Atos assessment centre. Gatherings and demonstrations were happening across the country. Comparatively to other demonstrations it was a good turn out. Though the turn outs in general were piss poor in light of the severity of harm expressed. With this disgrace alone you end up wondering what the hell you have to do to get fired. Fuck. I thought this type of deadly discrimination was a thing of the past. That the lesson had been learned. That Eugenics had been beaten by the shame of willful acts of harm it inflicts. I thought that was one of our cultures triumphs. I was wrong. Those who cant be conditioned to be economic units bullied to death on instructions of the Crown managers. Contracts given out and executed.

At the end of it a fella approached us. He was a retired police officer. We spoke to him about the issues of concern as he challenged us. He retorted as long as there is football and beer there will be no revolution.

Years on and Euro 2016 is upon us. In France a revolt is happening, some have coined it the biggest since the French revolution. How true that is I don't know. Street clashes are largely reported on alternative news networks but not so much on the mainstream. There is a fear that this revolt will spread. Nuit Debout meaning Night Stand has seen people communing discussing the ills and remedies of the society they live in. May it continue for time to come and eclipse the tournament. A new wave to crash against the social order. An order still dependent on exploitation and destruction in 2016.

I have grown up with in a sporting culture, enjoyed it but I also see its pointlessness. In my home town 250,000 people came out to celebrate the surprise premier league victory of the local football team. That from a city with a population of 330,000. It lifts peoples mood but it is little more than a temporary high. Had a quarter of that number had the same commitment and passion for their libraries, educational institutions, community services, illegal weapons sales, health care, air quality and fellow community members we would be a force to reckon with in the city. We would be laughing. Perhaps it is the lack of cathartic rush or that it requires more of us than simply cheering in euphoria whilst sitting back living through the spectacle of action.

When will our imaginations break the glass ceiling of trophies and medals and our dreams become a little more beneficial for the next generation? What would that expression look like? What entertainments will have to take a back burner in order to make some time for the important stuff? If people need escapism, perhaps its time we explore escapism from what? Perhaps we could start ensuring disabled community members are not getting killed by rich fucks that don't recognise the sacredness of their lives? This is but one expression of harm within the social order.

When the revolution happens I prey it be over the recognition of the sacredness of life and that it will compel us to create a vision, an actionable plan and constitution that ensures everyones life is respected. It had been those visions of generations before the NHS came into being that had paved the way for its creation. May we pass on to the next generation an environment that is not toxic. Where the scales of harms observed directs a justice system in its enforcing of remedy and redress.

I apologise, I can't hold it in any longer. For the love of people fuck the bread and circuses off for a while! Support the struggles in the streets and in your communities! The never ending programming to make you love the institutions are also the institutions that threaten you with arrests, fines, eviction, hell and violence if you don't dance to their tune. The truth is the “masters” need to learn some lessons in respect and perhaps have shown they are not fit for the responsibilites of power. They have led us to exploitation and environmental cataclysm. They continue to do so despite the observations of many.

“Arouse you sons (and daughters) of freedom, the world seems upside down.

They scorn the poor man as a thief in country and in town.” Song of the Time - 1850

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