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Excus me...just a monent of your time...wtf?!

By elephant84, Jul 2 2016 09:25AM

Dear Labour MPs,

We are astonished that at a time when Britain is facing its worst crisis for at least a generation, your initial response is to try to oust Jeremy Corbyn under the pretence that he didn’t do enough for the Remain Campaign.

David Cameron, on the other hand, who allowed the Referendum in the first place and failed to ensure that people knew exactly what they were voting for, is not being criticised at all.

You have not criticised the Leave Campaign whose rhetoric has led to a huge rise in hate crime and is threatening the social cohesion of the United Kingdom. You are not dealing with any of the serious challenges the UK is facing or helping the country out of this mess. Instead you are putting all your efforts into blaming Jeremy Corbyn. You are effectively preventing Corbyn from doing his job in opposition and holding the Government to account. Let’s not forget that Corbyn was elected by an overwhelming majority who still support him and will not support any of you.

For the past few days, you have been greatly aiding the Tories by creating a distraction from the destruction that they have inflicted on this nation.

By behaving in such a despicable and disgraceful manner and showing such contempt for the awful situation that Britain is in, you have all shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you do not have Britain’s best interests at heart.

So we, members and supporters of the Labour Party, are asking you to do the right thing and unite behind Corbyn, who your members overwhelmingly support, and let him and those who care about this country do their job.

Yours sincerely


Jul 2 2016 11:10AM by Tracey Wood

Hello, couldn't agree more. I feel very let down. Tracey

Jul 2 2016 11:36AM by Shirley Watts

Utterly disgraceful..As per usual Cameron gets away lightly after bullying the sick,disabled and unemployed and you idiots attack a man with morals and decency!..

Jul 3 2016 10:07AM by Farzana

Absolutely hit it on the nail.

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