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The Fire is a metaphor

By elephant84, May 31 2016 01:27PM

“Fire!” we yell.

- You bring a bucket of water and complain that “there isn't the money to put it out!”

“We need water not money.”

- “You need the money to get the water.”

“We will do it ourselves.” We retort.

- “But you're incompetent.” They reply.

“What do you care. You're refusing to put out the fire.”

- “It's our jurisdiction.”

“Then put the fire out.”

- I can't I don't have the money.

“But you started the fire.”

- “I've got to make a living.”

“I don't have any money.”

- “Then it's going to continue to burn.”

“But it's killing people.”

- “Nothings perfect.”

“But we can put it out.”

- “You're not allowed. It's against the law.”

“Who says?”

- “My job role.”

“Who's he?”

- “Me and those over there.”

“So you are going to let people burn?”

- “I don't make the rules.”

“But you are the role. You enact the rules.”

- I am not the role maker.

“Who is that?”

-“I'm not at liberty to tell you that.”

“Then if you are not at liberty you are in a tyranny.”

- “It's client confidentiality. Policy.”

“Then I have to stand and watch it burn?”

- “No. You can choose not to watch.”

“You're killing them.”

- “If you have a complaint there's a form online. Follow the complaints procedure.”

“How long will it take for a reply?”

- “I don't know. That's not my role.”

“What is your role.”

- “To put out fires.”

“Fuck the procedure. Fuck your role. I'm putting the fire out.”

- He knocks us to the ground yelling “Extremist!”

Then we pick ourselves up and...

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