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By elephant84, May 27 2016 01:11PM

Romanticising the past is a common trait among those that consider themselves patriotic. The desire to get back to the good old days conjures feelings of warmth. Oddly enough the cultural institutions that have lasted for centuries some how retain a reassuring unblemished consistency. A link to a better time. The idea prevailing that without them life would be meaningless and if we empower them more than that time will come again.

The reason why social movements have had to fight in Britain is because life has been made shit for people by the property moneyed owning class. The Crown would murder 12 year old children or exile them to another land for steeling. It had been a time of conscription where boys were trained and armed to kill. Holding people at gunpoint to violently take land in the name of the Crown. Where women were traded as property of men. Where the church would be working hand in hand with Crown "authorities" to kill and recondition people in those lands in order to eradicate their relationship with the environment that was their home. Church and Crown participating in what is now known as Genocide for centuries. Only apologising once the gain has been made and crime largely wiped out of collective memory. Though it still goes on today. All those minerals and oil still under their control. Feeding an economy. Whole peoples destroyed whose offence was existing without the institutions permition. Wealth and land passed down through generations based on that acitivity. Institutions spread and planted having taken root all over the globe.

To this day the network of exploitation/slavery of the "developing" world creates the products for consumption for the "developed" world. A rough guide to the hierachy of the world order expressed in currency strength. The circulation of currency of countries worldwide gets siphoned into the Crown dependencies and other tax havens. "Developing" governments reliant on loans set up by institutions that were created by the colonial countries central banks. All Gods will accrding to the popular conditioned British myth. We will just ignore the pissing all over the teachings of their declared inspiration Jesus Christ.

What are people after when they romanticise about a time that Britain was proudly British?

A number of times I have asked this question and heard this question asked when people get misty eyed. It creates a space in the imagination that gives an aim, a purpose. It can feel good. A positive identity. Often we hate our selves for not being our idea of perfect and look for something that says we are acceptable. Life can feel lonely. An imaginative landscape is conjured that makes people feel a bit peaceful, relieved from the relentless mundane, infuriating, painful, confusing, joyful experience that is consciousness. On a level I can understand the desire to belong, to be part of the club. The adversarial-ism bred by disgust at those that are not like us is addictive and something we connect with other people over.

It makes us feel like we are winning on the grand chessboard? Winning what though? The game of megalomania? Are people holding the worlds population to ransom with nukes the saviors of civilisation? They are decendents of the same cultures that instigated world wars killing millions.

This is convenient for the domineering cultures because they then have a recruiting ground of protectorates of the symbols of that culture. The royalty, pound and the flag. The imaginative framework constructed in song, sports, tv/radio programming, theatre, film, even road signs and names of buildings. It ultimately boils down to the idea of superiority. The superior are stronger, wiser, experienced, profound. The creators of all that's good, the innovators.

The followers pay homage in coin, time and life. In the exchange for loyalty the subject is relieved of the burden of responsibility of their actions. The divine people knows best in its sacred duty plus they create the money and distribute it. Leave it to the officials and professionals. There is no need to question just be vigilant against threats to that social order. To question that order is to betray your own kind. To betray your own kind should be punished in order to maintain the order and avoid the unthinkable. Thus the accumulated wealth of people higher up in that order do not have to insist on its protection and can detach themselves from any harms they wish in pursuit of gaining more. Patriotism will see to that and so will the law.

Do you not see how the Crown culture had declared people as enemies at the time of their emergence then embrace the icon of their enemy later on? Suffragettes, Ghandhi and Mandela. Have we been wasting our lives trying to correct the wrongs of those who will take everything for themselves, by leaving them in power? Have we spent too much time nudging them in the right direction instead of just talking to each other? They were wrong on race superiority, they were wrong on slavery, they are wrong on nuclear weapons, they are wrong on debt, they are wrong on the environment. Under the stewardship of such a dominant culture we are in environmental decline and there are those that would see it accelerated for their wealth accumulation. They are prepared to poison the air, land and water. Which means you and others in your community.

Perhaps it is time we accept the Queen is no longer Gods chosen. That the reverence is a cynical lie to control people and used to excuse and whitewash all the harmful behaviours in the violent accumulation of wealth, resource and land for those classed as "owners". How much has that held progress back? Where the "owners" piorities have completely fucked over the majority of people.

In popular culture there is a lack of apreciation that there were movements fighting for empowerment "one man one vote" for hundreds of years before it came about. People classed as slaves were figting for freedom long before the Crown lost control and decided it would change the classification of those people from slave to subject. Still under the ownership of the Crown I might add. The word stock is how Ian The Murderer of Disabled Duncan Smith famously desribed the people who were on benefits. Whose stock?

Can we really wait that long now to adapt in the age of mass pollution and nuclear arms? What prick believes they have the right to destroy so many lives in one go in the first place?

Perhaps we may be able to prioritise other things if we were to replace the warped priorities of the Crown governance culture with ones that are actually respectful to the sacredness of life.

The broadside shown here details the case of a 12 year old boy prosecuted
The broadside shown here details the case of a 12 year old boy prosecuted

By elephant84, May 19 2016 07:42AM

One of the major problems we have is that people do not associate their actions with the expressions of harm being created. An abused child or adult picking cocoa in the field has nothing to do with the person buying the chocolate and giving it to their child to eat on the other side of the world. All the people that financially benefit from these processes are not to be blamed because people have to make a living. “It has always been that way, human has exploited human after all. If it was not us it would be someone else. Look at the group doing it over there. Why are you not having a go at them? Besides if we were to stop where would you get the next hit from?”

The infrastructure of storytelling mediums parade the object as if it was a tonic of heaven. The colours on the wrapping designed to attract our attention as a flower is to pollinating insects. The ingredients are used because they make us addicts. The chemical reaction of relief from the craving more powerful than the knowledge of a child getting beaten and starved because they didn't pick their quota of a plant. The plant will go on to be processed in the factories. Men and women get rich off this. Adult owners of the land and factories get their cut, the adult CEO's get their bonuses and adult shareholders get their dividends, oh yes and those chemically addicted get their hit. The exploiters protected by the law. The symbols of wealth accumulated and stored on civilised tax haven shore. Money is thrown to the creators of the law to ensure their cartel is protected from those who see the slavery. “Look at them over there. They are worse than us.” They tell us. “At least they have jobs. What are you offering?” They muse. Insinuating Armageddon without their exploitation.

Another example. The oil executives make the decision to monetarily incentivise people to create evidence that casts doubt on the observations of the environmental harm caused by their main export. They along with the police (on the orders of corrupt politicians) act to prevent co-ordinated efforts to prevent the pollution, this will mean millions of people will become diseased as a result. Those looking to make money without having to do anything invest in more drilling and the pharmaceutical industry gets a boost too in anticipation of the coming tide of disease. “We are an oil based society anyway. The world is over populated so what's a few million prematurely dead after all? Look David Attenborough says we are a cancer.” Meanwhile the air we inhale poisons our lungs not because we are over populated but because a decision has been made by a few people to continue a certain practice. The self proclaimed trail blazers of “civilised” society decide to kill thousands of members of the public, their fellow country folk and use the term “public interest” to feign some sort of respectable logic without ever having to detail their calculations in words. A veil of ritual and patriotism hypnotises enough people to dismiss the harm. Enough people are so mesmerised by the catharsis of wave after wave of spectacles they don't even want to explore reality, they prefer the illusion. Then there are those in pain that feel the need to find some kind of tranquilliser. How many will it take to turn the tide of greed based heart break? Where life is cheap and commodity they reap is just mission creep to accumulate more. When will enough people see this wilful harm as the enslavement and murder for what it is? Perhaps as the sea rises and the families drown some of the crimes that go unanswered by the Crown will be revealed, necessity will inspire a renewed commitment to respectful relationship. One that values this sacred life more than the thoughts of a gated corporate feudal community and their predictable tricks.

May enough people, however many people that may be face the challenge of acting in respectful unity for the sake of fresh air, purity of water and for sustenance of the fruits that the land can provide.

What is culture?

Culture is the communication through storytelling from a person/people to another. The storytelling process comes in many mediums/art forms. The shared stories re-enforce the ideological beliefs of that identity as well as unite each other in common identity around ideals/value systems that justify existence/domination of space by people that claim to channel/embody those values. Contained with in the stories shared are recurring instructions of how to emotionally relate to the physical environment and other people/groups (cultures) of people. This process allows people to relate to each other on a scale that transcends the individual body and co-ordinate to enact collective force as a group of bodies on the environment and “other” people in the moment. By the term force I mean broadly interact physically with the material/organic world. Within a defined culture are smaller cultures that serve to sustain the larger culture in the objective of domination and longevity. Just as a group of individuals make a family, team, party, school, corporation, work force, movement, nation or religion. In essence they rely on a spectrum of techniques to maintain their shape and order. The principles/behaviours at play reoccur throughout smaller cultures that eventually get broadly categorised as a larger one. Of course generally one person has many hats in this regard and identity is the amalgamation of these identities. Just as a culture is amalgamated from smaller ones.

By elephant84, Apr 28 2016 09:40AM

We are arresting you for criminal damage....

For you have damaged the Earth we live on with your over development of industrialisation,

You have damaged the air we breathe with your poisonous chemical attacks,

You have damaged the water we need to survive with your rampant thirst for oil and gas,

You have damaged our hearts and minds with your criminal hate speak,

You have damaged our souls with your fear-mongering propaganda,

You have damaged our communities, our families and our future.

This damage is criminal and you are under arrest.

You do not have to say anything.

We are arresting you for possession of offensive weapons....

For you posses so many guns, missiles, rockets and bombs,

You spend the wealth we earn and create on war-ships, war-planes and death dealing drones,

You peddle these implements of death to murderers and children calling it “legitimate business”.

You develop and posses and profess the right to use

Weapons that would kill all life on and off the Earth,

You would murder the Earth herself in your thirst for conquest.

Possession and use of these things is criminal and you are under arrest.

You do not have to say anything.

We are arresting you for acts of terrorism....

For you inflict terror upon our world daily,

You use terror to achieve your aims of control and domination,

You transmit terror into the hearts of the people through the misuse of media,

You encourage the people to be afraid and you manipulate them with that fear,

You are indiscriminate in your acts of terrorism,

You target men women children young and old without distinction,

Such acts of terrorism are criminal and you are under arrest.

You do not have to say anything.

By Mr Mephisto

By elephant84, Apr 27 2016 10:04PM

Its early April in 2016, the worlds press are a fire with the talk of the "Panama Papers" and everyone who is in a fiscally delicate position is in out rage.... A rally of over 150,000 humans, outraged by the disgusting lies and practices of the humans who "run" our country/company. They gather in Trafalgar sq, they rally and shout. Speeches of change and fairness. Rabble raising and camaraderie...... I didn’t need this! My blood boils in disgust already. Those who know me know I will always talk of these issues with truth and passion.

So I went to Downing St, to stare into that street and wait, wait for the masses to come and stand shoulder to shoulder. To demand honesty and equality. Together, on mass be the voice of the people. And I waited, and waited, and waited.

From noon to two pm there were the usual Saturday tourist and the occasional protester..... Walking along the pavement and if they had a placard it was over their shoulder. No protest. Some anon(anonymous) on the other side of the road directly opposite Downing St had masks and some placard still in their bin bags, also wailing for the masses to arrive. At two pm the police came to them and walked away with the placard, still in their bin bags. Never even seeing the light of day.

In the rain a spectacular, deep rumbling sound growled down white hall. On the pavement, screaming and marching were a group with a Syrian flag. Their call was the voices who have seen war, tasted war, felt war and fled war. They marched down Whitehall, crossed the road to downing street and after a pause continued past the Foreign Office to Westminster. I was sobbing deep inside at the farce of it, the bitter irony and the helplessness at the situation. The thousands dying and the millions fleeing as a result of one of Britain's largest exports. And here are surviving victims, "freely" protesting at the gates of the country/company that created it all. Nothing as a result but a few more innocent but angry people put on the police lists and hours spent waving a flag and shouting. They marched by.

After a drizzly start the sky cleared and a few more people came to stand over the road from Downing Street. conversation could be heard from the crowd. On topic but not protesting. The helicopters and general police presence kept a mildly unpleasant tension in the air. The police were very present. With a full compliment of every section. All the wonderful subtle differences in uniform, social etiquette and authority. Very few constables but masses of "officers", recon and fit teams at vantage points taking facial map photos, sensitive beat cops talking to the crowd and gently keeping the road clear and "helping people stay safe" the occasional Sargent coordinating both on the ground and with the wider network up around the square, by radio. The high vis met who had bulky stab vest and an air of like minded disdain for the issue but bound by "duty" not to share politics with work! These officers I feel for deeply, they often both understand and agree with the subject of the protest and are often affected by it too. And I know if the police strike the people will stand with them.

Then the festival began. The festival of farce and irony. Theater and fascism with a health dose of make believe freedom!

I thought the first wave would be the celebrities who have put their name to this, Russel Brand stand out.... But no! A large banner with "demand our future" and Baby black block came marching down the street. In same rhythm with the TSG in two tight rows all around them. Solid and calm with focus they walked calmly and fast towards Downing Street ant took the space of two lanes in front of Downing Street. At last I thought that the stand off had started... The stragglers like me who "went to the wrong place" all smiled, shuffled about for comfy bits of wall to stand or sit on and generally were ready. But then at the prompting of an officer the black block moved off to the left and towards Westminster palace! (this is why i call them baby black block as they were totally owned by the police).

In disbelief some of us started to make a cigaret or drink coffee, bananas were peeled and the sun was felt on our faces. The street was flowing with cars and buses and tourist took photos like any other day in Whitehall! The next group to be marshaled down towards "the bosses house" was Sisters Uncut, they had space, grace, strength, children and a message.... At last I thought, again, the stand off could start! The boating community followed quite quickly and over 300 people came to take the road. After less than half an hour the black block had trickled back to Downing Street and a few more had used the pavement to make their way from the square to number ten. A sound system appeared and for 10 min there was a protest..... Lots of people and the police around the edge! Conversation was had, old and good friends met and embraced all around and chanting at Downing street started.

Then it started to be dissected, like sheep dogs or shepherds the various police forces set about subtly cutting up the crowd until the formations had clearly defined the groups of protestors again. Separated by flowing traffic, pavements of lines of police.

The hardened youth at the front too angry to realise the numbers behind them are slipping away as they shout in to Downing St as one of the group of tightly marching police ring them in a cordon. The smoke cans were set off, purple smoke filled the air and right in the front, where the anger and passion was shared there was a powerful moment of release.... But only meters from the gate there was clear roads and people standing back, the way the police crammed those people by the gate made it look like there was a scary .thing happening. They kept the tame and fearful protester away and the numbers outside the cordon quickly diminished! The sound system in the cordon was galvanised to move back to Trafalgar sq for some reason and the vast majority of those left moved with it.... With the police in tight rings round them (those who protest will be familiar with the cat and mouse road running) only a hand full of protesters were siting on the road in front of Downing Street!

For the next few hours people walked by and were commenting "no one else is here" and "this just isn't Iceland".....

By Eddy M

By elephant84, Apr 26 2016 08:59AM

Paper please

- I don't have one

Then you are going to have to walk off that cliff

- What?

If you don't have a piece of paper then you don't exist

- But you can see me

That way please

- My heart beats, I'm breathing, what other authority is there?

You could be anyone

- I am anyone, you are anyone

How do I know you are not a fraudster, rapist or a murderer?

- How do I know you are not?

That's rude, abusive

- I exist!

Not without a piece of paper you don't

- Yes I do, look, here is my blood, look

There's no need to be melodramatic, it won't move me

- What are you?

That way, towards the cliff, I will use force

- Then I will fight back

You see there it is! Animal! Dog! Wanting to harm my people

- I am your people!

You don't have paper! You are not! You are going to use violence! You said it!

- You're mad!

Any more rudeness from you and I will throw you off the cliff myself

- You want me to kill myself! My family! Just cus you say so! That is violence! For the love of life that is violence! Paper? What is paper compared to my flesh? To my blood? To the smile of those I love, to my joy, that is life, for the love of life

Not everyone dies when they fall off the cliff

- They drown if they aren't killed by the fall, I can hear their cries for help, I know you can too

I have orders, come along, its for the greater good, move, keep walking, keep walking

- How can you do this?

Keep walking please

- All this for paper?

That's the law, move, keep moving please

- My family, let them live, let them please

Do they have papers?

- I'll pay you

That's illegal, who do you think I am? You don't have papers, you threaten violence, you try and corrupt me, break the law and to top it off you are rude, you deserve to go off that cliff, keep moving please, that's it

- No, please

Look at it this way, the world is overpopulated anyway, it's for the greater good, keep moving please

- I want to live, I want my family to live

That's it, keep moving, almost there

- Life is sacred, my life is sacred

One more step